Bonney Lake begins spraying weeds May 2

Bonney Lake's weed abatement program begins May 2.

The city of Bonney Lake is set to begin its annual weed abatement program May 2 in an attempt to control vegetation around the city’s roadways.

Brush, trees, weeds and other vegetation in the right-of-way will be sprayed with a chemical to help control their growth.

According to Assistant Public Works Director Charlie Simpson, the program is designed to remove pedestrian hazards and visual barriers from around the roadside, as well to get rid of vegetation that is encroaching on, and could damage, the roadbeds.

“Vegetation will get under the (roadbed),” Simpson said. “It’s best to get that green as much away from there as possible.”

Simpson said the city will be using the commercially available Round-Up to treat the weeds. According to the product’s Website, once a treated area has dried, it is safe for people and pets to enter.

Simpson said property owners can opt out of the spraying and control the growth on their own by signing an “Owner Responsibility and Maintenance Agreement” with the city.

In doing so, the property owner assumes responsibility for ensuring the weeds and bushes do not spread or grow too high.

Residents who choose this option must obtain an agreement form the Public Works Building and it must be completed and returned by Sunday, April 29.

Residents who choose this option will be issued an “Owner Maintained” sign that must then be posted on the right of way. City workers will avoid spraying properties that have signs.

Agreement forms can also be downloaded from the city’s Website at

The weed spraying is dependent on the weather.