Bonney Lake man charged with human trafficking

A 32-year-old Bonney Lake man, Ricky Lee Grundy Jr., was charged Nov. 14 with four felonies in Kitsap County, the result of a multi-agency operation involving human trafficking, child prostitution and child rape.

A 32-year-old Bonney Lake man, Ricky Lee Grundy Jr., was charged Nov. 14 with four felonies in Kitsap County, the result of a multi-agency operation involving human trafficking, child prostitution and child rape.

The Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office charged Grundy with first-degree human trafficking, promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor and two counts of third-degree child rape. He is in custody.

The maximum penalty for the human trafficking charge and promoting sexual abuse of a minor is life in prison and/or a $50,000 fine for each if the defendant has two previous convictions for serious offenses.

The child rape charges carry maximum five-year sentences and/or $10,000 fines.

The operation involved more than 19 agencies including the FBI, the coordinating agency, the Washington State Patrol, Homeland Security, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and city police agencies from Pierce, Kitsap and King counties.

Along with Grundy, the Kitsap County prosecutor charged Erin Hart, Matthew Gary, Mitchell Fligor and Raynaldo Medellin with human trafficking.In Pierce County, Prosecutor Mark Lindquist charged Marteze Ravoine Clair, 27, and Erica Jade Cromartie, 23, with first-degree human trafficking, leading organized crime, promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor and promoting prostitution in the second degree.

The charges against Grundy span from April to June 2014.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office probable cause document stated a police operative provided a tip to a Kitsap County detective about a 14-year-old girl Grundy was prostituting. She will be identified as T-girl to protect her identity.

The document noted T-girl met Grundy in October 2013 and allegedly began working as a prostitute for him on April 1, 2014. She and another girl, who was working as a prostitute for Grundy, met him in the Morgan Motel on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.

T-girl told detectives she and the girl first met when “locked up” in juvenile detention.

At the April 1 meeting in the Morgan Motel, T-girl used methamphetamine with Grundy and he gave her money for a room to use for prostitution.

T-girl told detectives after that date she began working as a prostitute for Grundy, earning between $600 and $800 per day for two to three “dates.”The documents recount a story of prostitution of underage girls, beatings by Grundy of T-girl and other girls using electric extension cords and his fists, slapping with his open hand and back hand and kicking.

T-girl described a beating from Grundy with an extension cord that left her with bloody welts on her neck and thighs.

The documents also cited Grundy’s alleged sexual relations of T-girl from April to June when she was arrested.

Grundy is alleged to have used to post ads for T-girl and other girls he was prostituting.

The detectives wrote, “(T-girl) said that Grundy determined the prices, half hour $100, hour $180 and a ‘quick visit’ was ‘like $80.’ (T-girl) said initially Grundy didn’t have a ‘quota’ because she was new. (T-girl) stated that Grundy told her she needed to ‘Go walk, go walk.’ (T-girl) said that it was like walking down the street with a sign that said, ‘I’m a hoe.’”

T-girl told detectives she was, “involved in an average of 2-3 dates per day and would receive approximately $600 per day depending on the time (hours) paid.”

(T-girl) stated she was involved with Grundy for approximately three months.

The document also stated, “(T-girl) said after the dates Grundy would come in and ask for the money and she’d give it to him. (T-girl) said that she didn’t receive any money from the dates. (T-girl) described that most of the dates she did ‘He (Grundy) was in the back room and he basically heard everything that was going on.’”

T-girl told detectives she made a methamphetamine drop for Grundy and said Grundy had another 14-year-old girl working as a prostitute.The document also alleged Grundy had sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl beginning in the spring of 2014 and lasting until about July.Grundy allegedly gave the girl methamphetamine and told her he would teach her how to sell.

“Grundy told her that he would teach her how to weigh meth and said if he could trust her, then she could make runs for him,” the document stated.The detectives recount numerous beating of the 15-year-old girl by Grundy, including a “whipping” with a TV electric cord when she refused a sexual demand from him.

“After the assault (the 15-year-old girl) said she went to a Rite Aid store asking for “big band aids.” She was told they didn’t’ have any and she went to McDonald’s, which could not provide any. The girl said she “cleaned up my leg,” and went to Fred Meyer. The girl said she made a “big bandage” using paper towels and smaller band aids and got dressed in the bathroom.

The girl told detectives she was pregnant and was afraid of Grundy.


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