Bonney Lake Menchie’s featured on CBS show ‘Undercover Boss’

Have you ever had a job where you wish those at the corporate level could see what it was like to work a day in your shoes?

Menchie's CEO Amit Kleinberger went undercover on CBS' Undercover Boss to see what it is like to work for the company he is in charge of.

Have you ever had a job where you wish those at the corporate level could see what it was like to work a day in your shoes?

CBS’ Undercover Boss allows that to happen as they take CEOs, disguise them and send them into their company as an employee to see what really goes on.

On Friday, Oct. 25 the Bonney Lake Menchie’s was featured on Undercover Boss as CEO Amit Kleinberger went undercover in his company.

“I was motivated to go on Undercover Boss as you rarely get the chance to walk into one of your stores unnoticed and see the true inner-workings,” Kleinberger said.

The Bonney Lake location was one of three stores he visited and worked at. Kleinberger also spent time working in Queen Anne and El Paso, Texas. Besides working as an employee at Menchie’s locations, he also spent time at Scott Brothers dairy farm in Moreno, Calif. that supplies all the milk used to make the frozen yogurt.

While working at the locations and the at the farm, he performed a variety of different tasks from greeting customers, cleaning the front of store, hosting a children’s party to milking the cows.

Also, while at the farm with the lead herdsman Francisco, Kleinberger helped a cow give birth. They named the calf Alan, after Kleinberger’s name he went by while undercover.

Besides seeing what it is like working at various Menchie’s locations and at the farm, Kleinberger was able to talk with the employees and learn about their lives.

He learned that the shift-lead at the Queen Anne location, Dylan, wants to become a dental hygienist and he has a daughter that he doesn’t see as often as he could because he spends roughly a total of three hours traveling to and from work. After the show, Kleinberger gave Dylan $10,000 to put toward his education, a car so he can drive to work and spend more time with his daughter and he also promoted Dylan to manager, giving him a $5,000 raise.

The second stop along his journey was the Bonney Lake location where he worked with shift-lead Drew. During his time at this location, he was rather disappointed with the effort he saw from Drew. She didn’t train him very well, she said that it sucked to work at Menchie’s and she also said she only works because she has expensive taste and needs the money. After Kleinberger’s time with Drew, he was unsure about her future with the company because that is not how he wants his employees to behave. At the end of the show, he let Drew keep her job and offered to send her to high performing locations throughout the country to see what they do and to learn from them. She agreed and took him up on his offer. Weeks following the taping of the show, Drew now no longer works for Menchie’s and is no pursuing a professional dance career.

At Kleinberger’s final location, he met Jennifer who was a very bubbly, smiley young lady who he hosted a children’s party with. While spending time with her, he found out that she hopes to go to college to become a 1st grade teacher and that she comes from a military family, which personally touched Kleinberger because he was a former Israeli military commander. And at the end of the show, he gave her $25,000 to spend on her education and he also paid for a family vacation to Disneyland. He also guaranteed that she would have a job at another Menchie’s closer to the school she chooses to attend so she can still work while furthering her education.

At the diary farm with Francisco, he learned how much Francisco loved his job and loved caring for the cows but he also learned that he cares deeply about his family and doesn’t get to see all his children together often because they all don’t live in the same city as each other. When Kleinberger revealed himself as CEO at the end of the show, he gave Francisco $30,000 to spend on whatever he chooses and he chose to send his children off to college. Not only that but Kleinberger also sent Francisco and his family on a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas.

The number one thing, Kleinberger said, he took away from this experience is that he needs to get more connected to his stores and what takes place inside them.

He plans on implementing several changes throughout franchised locations. In terms of leadership, he said, he is going to revise employee recognition programs and he will also modify the management training programs so they properly teach how to promote team members so they are able to grow throughout the company.

“I was thrilled when I found out that my Bonney Lake location was selected for Amit to visit,” said franchisee, Cameron Garner. “Being a part of the Menchie’s family is amazing and I am honored to be able to experience this and receive valuable feedback so we can continue in our goal of making people smile.”

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