Bonney Lake re-ups moratorium on collective gardens

The Bonney Lake City Council on Tuesday extended the city’s moratorium on medical marijuana collective gardens for an additional six months.

This is the third time the council has approved a six-month moratorium.

The council re-affirmed its prior findings of fact on the matter, which include that the governor used a line-item veto on the voter-approved initiative that approved collective gardens, including on sections pertaining to legal dispensaries, while leaving in tact sections on collective gardens, thereby creating confusion between the state and federal laws.

“It appears to the council that establishment of collective gardens would violate federal law,” the original ordinance reads.

The council this week again cited the confusing of the conflicting state and federal laws.

“Significant uncertainty continues to exist regarding the validity of Washington’s current medical marijuana statutes, including those pertaining to collective gardens,” reads the ordinance adopted this week.

Members of the council asked the city attorney for clarification as to the number or moratoriums they could impose, but according to attorney Kathleen  Haggard there is no hard and fast limit on a number of moratoriums, the council simply needs a reason and the apparent conflict between state and federal laws satisfies that.

The council held a public hearing on the matter Aug. 28, but no one spoke on the issue.