Buckley gives approval for ‘mural signs’ on buildings

After much consideration and research, the building and zoning committee arm of the Buckley City Council recently put its stamp of approval on an interim ordinance allowing “mural” signs the likes of which have not been seen around Buckley since the early 1900s in the city’s downtown core.

Only a handful of buildings will qualify for the usage of such signs, and even then there will be considerable controls incorporated into the interim ordinance, aimed at limiting what can and cannot be done.

The city defines a mural sign as a “wall sign which consists exclusively of paint applied to the wall of a building, without application of any other material or framing. The sign shall be composed exclusively of lettering, with background colors allowed for contrast and bordering. No pictorial displays are allowed, including but not limited to any depictions of products, logos, vistas, nature scenes, people, animals, inanimate objects of any kind, etc.”

A substantial security deposit will be paid by any business receiving a permit to create a mural sign.

To date, only a handful of businesses are eligible for the mural signs, due to restrictions set on the age of the structure to be used and the open square footage available.

It is generally believed the Main Street Coffee House will be the initial enterprise to attempt a mural sign.