City buys district building

The White River School Board added its OK to that of the Buckley City Council on a sale-and-purchase agreement that turns over a downtown building from the school district to the city.

Purchased by the school district in 1993, the 2,730-square-foot building that once served as the city’s post office, has been home to a number of administrative offices and services for the district, most recently housing its Community Activities Programs. According to Business Manager Mona Moan, the district surplused the property in 2009 and advertised it for sale. The city police department expressed an interest and has been leasing the space for the past year.

In its April 26 meeting minutes, the Buckley City Council approved the agreement between the city and school district for the building at 146 Cedar St.

Police Chief James Arsanto reported the agreement is expected to be closed by the end of May.

The property has been appraised twice in accordance with state regulations. The City Council minutes noted the price offered was $177,000.

The money will go into the school district’s capital projects fund, which will be used to help finish a wish list of projects including roof work at Glacier Middle School.