City donating old computers

  • Tue Feb 10th, 2009 2:13am
  • News

The Sumner City Council approved the donation of its surplus computer equipment.

The city has difficulty keeping pace with technology, since when new programs and software become available, the old computers do not operate as quickly with them.

Eligible to receive the equipment are non-profit agencies providing services to the Sumner community. Donating the surplus equipment reduces waste and helps agencies operate while saving money for agencies.

Some organizations already contacted Sumner expressing interest in obtaining the equipment and are among the first to select from the items.

Sumner will then contact nonprofit groups through the city’s business license process and tell them of the available equipment. There will also be an opportunity for others to purchase the computers at a low cost at a later time.

Any interested nonprofit groups serving the Sumner community may contact Deputy City Administrator Diane Supler at