Disorderly Conduct | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

Sept. 20

Driving Under the Influence: Officers responded to the report of a blocking accident on state Route 410 and Myers Road. No accident report was filed but officers helped with the exchange of information. After speaking with the victim, they spoke with the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident. There were signs of intoxication and officers asked if she would perform voluntary field sobriety tests. She agreed and after attempting two tests, officers stopped the tests for her safety. She provided a breath sample and the reading was .255 percent. Officers arrested her and transported her to the Bonney Lake Police Department for processing. After two more breath samples, the level of her intoxication was well above the legal limit and officers transported her St. Elizabeth in Enumclaw for medical evaluation. After hours of waiting, she released and transported to the Enumclaw jail.

Sept. 19

Juvenile Assault: Officers responded to the report of a domestic dispute between a juvenile and her parents. She was acting out because her parents were trying to discipline her for her actions at school earlier that day. After about 30 minutes of speaking with her, officers got her to calm down. The juvenile has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiant disorder and her parents told officers they are overwhelmed with her behavior. While officers were speaking with her parents, they heard the juvenile yell that she was going to jump out of her window. As her dad went into her room to tell her close the window, she threw a rock at him. Officers arrested her and took her out to the patrol car. After further discussion, she was released back into her parent’s custody and officers forwarded a request for charges of assault further review.

Identity Theft: Officers spoke with the reporting party and her mom in the lobby regarding identity theft. She believed an old friend was using her information during traffic stops. The reporting party has been away at school in another state when this incidents occurred. Her name has been used at least twice and she has been in contact with the Department of Licensing. After a records check of the suspect and her boyfriend it was found the suspect had outstanding warrants for her arrest for theft and providing false statements. Her boyfriend’s records check showed he was arrested for possession of heroin with the intent to deliver by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. The reporting party filed charges of identity theft and the case has been forwarded to detectives for follow up.

Sept. 18

Disorderly Conduct: Officers responded to a SR 410 grocery store to the report of threats to the reporting party. When officers arrived, they found the suspect outside the store saying he would “kick the (reporting party’s) ….” The reporting party told officers as he made his delivery, the suspect was yelling at him while waving a baseball bat around. He left to make his next delivery and the suspect followed him, continuing to yell and threaten him. Due to the suspect’s behavior, officers advised it would be best if he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. He continued to yell and act out while detained in an office’s’ vehicle. He was transported by East Pierce Fire and Rescue and his charges for disorderly conduct were forwarded to the City of Bonney Lake prosecutor.