Driver falls asleep at the wheel, no injuries reported | Sumner Police Blotter

The following information is provided by the city of Sumner. All persons in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 29

Persistence: A restaurant manager reported a disorderly subject and requested he be removed from the property. Officers were informed the subject has been a problem in the past; jumping over counters and harassing an employee in the parking lot. Responding officers trespassed him from the property, only to receive report that he returned 30 minutes later. He was arrested and is required to appear in court.

Sept. 1

Domestic Disturbance: A man called to report his wife was out of control. She was allegedly yelling and throwing objects in the home. Upon arrival, officers found the woman sitting on the floor in her bedroom, visibly intoxicated. Officer told her to calm down and go to bed. She said she would.

Sept. 8

Possible Arson: The fire and police department responded to a vehicle fire. Due to evidence at the scene, it was believed to have been intentionally set.

Sept. 20

Trespassing: An officer witnessed a juvenile at the entrance of a business he had been trespassed from for shoplifting. He was arrested without incident and released to his parent.

Sept. 28

Moving Vehicle: Officers responded to the report of a female subject being thrown from a vehicle. Investigation revealed the intoxicated subject jumped onto her boyfriend’s vehicle as he was trying to leave. The two were in the midst of an argument and the subject states she doesn’t remember much of the incident.

Oct. 3

Asleep at the Wheel: A man fell asleep at the wheel on East Valley Highway and crashed his vehicle into a pole. He wasn’t injured but received medical evaluation as a precaution. Officers gave him a ride home due to the significant damage his vehicle sustained.