East Pierce rescues dog from Lake Tapps fire | East Pierce Fire and Rescue

  • Thu Aug 25th, 2016 4:38pm
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On Tuesday, East Pierce Fire and Rescue firefighters responded to a report of a fire on the 5500 block of 175th Avenue Court East, on the west side of Lake Tapps.

When they arrived, heavy smoke was billowing from the back of the two-story home at the end of a narrow road. A girl and two dogs had already escaped the house, but one dog was still missing.

The first firefighters on scene had to wait for additional firefighters to arrive before they could enter the home and begin an offensive attack. Federal regulations require at least four firefighters—two to enter the burning building and two to remain outside in order to affect a rescue, if needed.

Once enough firefighters arrived, they were able to locate and save the owner’s lost dog. Although scared, the dog was not injured.

The firefighters, joined by a crew from the Valley Regional Fire Authority in Auburn, were able to contain the fire to the first floor of the 2,450-square-foot home. Dry grass in the back of the house, which sits on just over two acres, also began to burn. Firefighters were able to quickly douse those flames.

According to East Pierce Fire Chief Bud Backer, the fire began in the back of the house. It was unclear initially whether it started outside in the patio area and make its way inside or if the fire began inside the home.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. There is no estimate yet on the total cost of the damage to the house.