Election results from Plateau | Nov. 9

King County Elections

Pierce County Auditor

The Nov. 5 general election sent a number a first time politicians into the office and said no to a levy increase for King County Fire District 28.

Election results are updated daily at the King County Elections and Pierce County Auditor website.

The election will be certified by he canvassing board Nov. 26.

The results reported in this article are as of Friday

Fire District

Voters rejected Proposition No. 1 by 63 percent, which was a King County Fire District 28 property tax levy increase.

In the race for commission Position No. 2 Angela Stubblefield was leading Elbert Reed 55 percent to 45 percent.


The Enumclaw City Council will have four new council members in January.

Hoke Overland was beating three-term incumbent Sean Krebs for Position No. 7 by 19 points. Overland was up 1,377, 59 percent to Krebs at 937 votes, 40 percent.

Juanita Carstens was leading Tom Mann 53 percent, 1272 votes, to 47 percent, 1133 votes.

Mike Sando won Position No 3 with 1,419 votes, 61 percent. Shelby DeVol withdrew from the race, but received 898 votes, 39 percent.

Morgan Irwin took Position No. 1 with 63 percent. Pamela Harding withdrew. She received 36 percent.

Mayor Liz Reynolds was elected for a second term. The race was uncontested.


There was one contested City Council race in Buckley. Marvin Sundstrom was leading John Leggett. Sundstrom had 54 percent, 468 votes to 383, 44 percent for Leggett.

Mayor Pat Johnson was not challenged in her race to return to office.

Council Position No. 1 will be Nora Rose, No. 2 Cristi Boyle Barrett. Both of these races were uncontested.


In City Council Position No. 1 Joseph E. King took 79 percent, 144 votes, over Amber M. Pries, 39 votes, 21 percent.

For Position No. 2 Kevin M. Vesey earned 141 votes to Buck E. McBride 38.


Robert D. Walker looks to be headed to the mayor’s chair with 66 percent, 71 votes to 36 votes and 33 percent for Doug Paulson.

None of the City Council races were contested. Ian Niles Galbraith will take Position No. 1, Brent Thawsh No. 2, Bambi Thawsh No. 3, Robert (Bob) Fautenberry, for No. 4.

Proposition No 1, increasing the town’s emergency medical services levy was passing with 71 percent 74 votes to 30 votes, 29 percent no.

Proposition No. 2, a levy to finance fire maintenance and operation was passing with 67 percent with 68 votes to 33 percent with 34 votes.


Other election numbers, including statewide results, are available at the Secretary of State website.