Employees will receive cost of living hike

Enumclaw officials agreed last week to a rollover contract that will keep city employees on the job through 2010 and 2011.

Enumclaw City Council members approved the contract terms during their April 27 meeting.

The agreement was with members of the AFSCME, the bargaining unit representing the majority of city employees. Represented are workers in departments like finance, parks and recreation, public works, courts and the library; not covered are department heads.

The contract calls for employees to receive a cost-of-living adjustment each year equivalent to the Consumer Price Index established for the Seattle region.

In other contract news stemming from the April 27 meeting, council members approved an amendment to a three-year contract originally approved in early February with the International Associaciation of Fire Fighters.

During negotiations, the city and union agreed to establish “premium pay” for two training officer positions but, due to an oversight, the necessary language was not included in the pact. Also, the contract was supposed to provide three pay steps for a new captain’s position but included only one.

The amendment approved last week allows for 3 percent “premium pay” for the two training officer positions, an additional cost of $310 per month. With regard to the captain’s position, the contract amendment reduces the pay of the captain Step 6, or $6,859 monthly, to Step 4, or $6,262 monthly.

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