Enumclaw councilman takes on firework show fundraising

Fireworks news

It looks like Enumclaw will be celebrating Independence Day with a fireworks show after all.

The Enumclaw City Council announced during the May 11 meeting they were unwilling to spend city funds on a fireworks show.

Councilman Darrel Dickson decided to begin raising the money to fund the celebration.

“The money is coming together, and we have a backer if there is a shortfall that will put up the money,” Dickson said in a phone interview on May 27. “But we hope the community can help fund the rest of it.”

Dickson said he has raised $6,500 so far in donations from Mutual of Enumclaw, Helac, Rainier View Construction and Sky Net, meeting the $6,000 deposit amount the pyrotechnic company, Homeland Fireworks, required for the show.

“It touches my heart how much people care about the community,” Dickson said.

A further payment of $4,000 is due by July 4, the day of the show.

Enumclaw’s Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring the show and signed the contract with Homeland Fireworks on May 28.

For the last 10 years, the chamber’s Stars-n-Stripes Committee fundraised for bringing a fireworks show to Enumclaw.

This year, the committee disbanded.

The chamber announced it was unable to focus on fundraising for a show this year, but would be interested in doing so in 2016, according to Enumclaw’s City Administrator Chris Searcy.

The City Council discussed funding the show on May 11, but ultimately decided that due to the cuts the city made to community service budgets this year, the council was not comfortable funding a show.

That’s when Dickson decided to take the reins.

“It wasn’t the council’s responsibility to do this,” Dickson said, citing how firework shows in past years have not been city sanctioned events. “It wasn’t in our budget. But this brings light to what Star-n-Stripes has done for a number of years.”

Dickson said he decided to fundraise because he felt the community was disappointed in the lack of an Independence Day celebration.

“This is an important thing to do. It would be nice to celebrate the school bond passage and our independence as a country and celebrate all the good things we have going on in our community,” he said.

Residents willing to make individual donations can send money to the Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce.

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