Enumclaw Rotary celebrating 50 years of service to community

The first president of the local chapter was Sutherland (Suds) McLean.

As members of Enumclaw’s Rotary Club count down the days to their 50th anniversary on the Plateau, two things remain abundantly clear: The club has logged five decades of good deeds, both at home and with a world view; and second, the list of local Rotary leaders reads like a Who’s Who of Enumclaw.

Rotary’s mission is to provide service and the local club has a long list of contributions. The local website lists donations to everything from high school scholarships to Plateau Outreach Ministries, from tutoring efforts to clothing banks. And there are many instances of Rotarians stepping up to feed families in need.

In the bigger picture, the Enumclaw club joins its network of Rotarians around the world in a united effort to eliminate polio everywhere.

To carry out their good deeds, local club members have three primary initiatives. There are annual father-daughter and mother-son dances, but the biggest effort is the yearly Enumclaw Rotary Street Fair that closes busy downtown streets for shopping, food and entertainment.

At the core of Rotary is the “Four Way Test” which is locked into four simple questions: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

The club couldn’t boast five decades of success without strong leadership and, as noted, the roster of club presidents includes many who have figured prominently in local circles. The list is dotted with men and women prominent in the Enumclaw business community, but also shows representation from the world of education and public service.

1969-70 Sutherland (Suds) McLean

1970-171 James Puttman

1971-72 Dr. Ralph Zech

1972-73 Art Gamblin

1973-74 Tom Poe Sr.

1974-75 Herb Streuli

1975-76 Rex Amburgy

1976-77 Dave Wickersham

1977-78 Bill Dunning

1978-79 Larry Royer

1979-80 George Postill

1980-81 Tom O’Connor

1981-82 Duane Anderson

1982-83 Bill Secor

1983-84 Keith Blackburn

1984-85 John Farman

1985-86 Clem Tuchscherer

1986-87 Lynn Norby

1987-88 Gene Fagerquist

1988-89 Trip Hart

1989-90 Bart Jensen

1990-91 Bob Baer

1991-92 Dick James

1992-93 Alice Peeples

1993-94 Jack Darnton

1994-95 Perry Chinn

1995-96 Walt McLean

1996-97 Mike Brown

1997-98 Steve Rhodes

1998-99 Kirk Parce

1999-00 Wendy Walker

2000-01 Jeff Iunker

2001-02 Thelma Struck

2002-03 Troy Couch

2003-04 Laura Curnan

2004-05 Kory Keath

2005-06 Bart Jensen

2006-07 Jon Funfar

2007-08 Linda Kleppe-Olson

2008-09 Tom Underbrink

2009-10 Walt Bennett

2010-11 Darrel Dickson

2011-12 Terry Parker

2012-13 Lauren Hardman

2013-14 Larry Jackson

2014-15 Juanita Carsten

2015-16 Tami Dunn

2016-17 Mike Nelson

2017-18 Kirk Parce

2018-19 Scott Gray

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