Finding the artistic gift everyone has to offer is the new year’s challenge

  • Tue Jan 27th, 2009 6:00am
  • News

You have a gift within yourself. Some of you have found it. Some of you haven’t, but it’s there. Is this the year to find or rekindle a talent that’s been setting still too long? The gifts we possess can range from having carpentry skills to a compassionate heart, being a great listener, a fine surgeon or having just the right knack of putting a bandage on a scraped knee. Usually we like to share our gifts with others. Individuals in the performing arts are no different.

Ranging from presentations within our public schools, our nonprofit, all volunteer organizations, or our city’s sponsored programs throughout the year, we are very rich when it comes to talent, inspiration and the desire to be creative. Our community sparkles with the spirit of art in many forms. Is your talent being an appreciative audience attendant or stage crew member? Have you viewed a recent gallery showing? By attending local art events you bring your gift of interest and appreciation to the artists.

Who has set their musical instrument down and declared they haven’t the time to play? Who claims their voice isn’t what it used to be? Some might say they would never be able to memorize lines again. Has someone said an unkind remark to you about your creativity? Did you believed them and give up your passion? I challenge you to stretch those vocal chords. Skills can be re-learned. What you have put aside can be picked up. You simply have to try.

We have the Cascade Foothills Chorale for you to sing in that gives two major concerts a year. Do you miss the interaction of cast mates and creating a staged performance? You have that opportunity with Stage Door Productions. Did you take music lessons long ago? Did you play an instrument in school or a community band or orchestra? Dust that instrument off! It is never too late. Gateway Concert Band or the Plateau Community Orchestra would like to talk to you.

I am awed at the talent of our local dance instructors and have been so privileged to see children in their first tap dance performance grow to be stunning, jaw-dropping dancers in all dance styles. The Ballet Workshop gave stunning performances of “The Nutcracker” this last holiday season despite winter weather conditions.

Within our community we have actors, singers, instrumentalists, writers, dancers, photographers, and many more creative individuals that have put their love of creativity and performing aside due to other life obligations. Is it time to rethink that decision?

I also know many who live a life of creativity that express and evoke emotions of joy, laughter and intrigue with their gifts. They touch the heart of anyone who is ready to be moved by their art form. How many people in this community are accumulating regrets for not making time to do this very same thing? You can be part of exciting creativity right here in our own community.

I challenge any of you who long for the opportunity, to make time to free your creative expression by calling one of our local performing groups in our community. Be an example to our young people.

What incredibly talented young people we have in our community! Show them it’s never too late to be creative.

Visit the Arts Alive! location on Cole Street in Enumclaw. Take an art lesson or ask about Poetry Night.

Yes, Poetry Night! Look at the paintings and sculptures inside. What amazing talent we have all around us.

A new year is here. I’m looking forward to watching and listening to the performances of others in our community. People involved in volunteering their time to community art events are known to be involved in other civic groups that enhance their communities. Participating in the arts has proven to be life changing stepping stones to disciplined and advanced community awareness in our young people.

Brush up on your watercolors! (Pun intended!) Stretch those vocal chords. Resin up your bows and tune your guitars! Try out for a part in a community play. Check out the Arts and Entertainment section of the Community Calendar in The Courier-Herald for contact information regarding local performing groups and attend performances. Bring this column to someone who needs a little nudge for motivation and show your support.

Are you up for the challenge? Come on! Life is short and there is so much beauty out there to be expressed. Live and believe in yourself.

May we all live in grace and joy this new year of 2009. May we be blessed with good health, open minds, prosperity, learning opportunities and spiritual awareness. May we have a chance to do something adventurous that we’ve never done before. May we live this New Year to affect the life of another in a positive way by being an example of kindness, inspiration and encouragement. Each day is a brand new opportunity. May you find your gift this year.