GOP is party of the past, not inclined to change | Letter

Mr. Rich Elfers’ article about Republicans being the party of change – with a question mark, no less – makes me wonder if conservatives are now liberals.

Mr. Rich Elfers’ article about Republicans being the party of change – with a question mark, no less – makes me wonder if conservatives are now liberals. No, probably not. Both parties have their own ideas and they have had their own ideas for a long, long time. The term conservative means opposed to change, but Republicans certainly seem to effect change.

For instance, George W. Bush, remember that guy? George changed 60 percent of the people where I work from having jobs to not having jobs. George changed our work week from five days to three days. George changed the remaining work force from having health insurance to not having health insurance. Again, remember, this wasn’t that long ago. But this isn’t even the half of it. George changed the real estate market. Millions lost their homes. George changed the stock market, look out below; it lost thousands of points. George changed the job market…millions lost their jobs. And now they want to privatize Social Security.

If Republicans show me Herbert Hoover, I’ll show them George W. Bush, two peas in the same pod. The next Republican president, let me guess – Hoover, Herbert Hoover.

Republicans are not the party of change, they are the party of the past and so was George W. Bush, a person with a very bad case of what is known as Hooveritis. A horrible disease.

Lee Stout


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