High school students sell hot chocolate for Bonney Lake food bank

Every Christmas Eve for the last four years, Sumner High School junior Zak Landers has been running a hot chocolate stand with his cousins Sumner seniors Brandon and Samantha Walsh.

All four years the money raised has been donated to the Bonney Lake Food Bank along with any food donations. In total, they have donated $615 to the food bank.

This year they raised $296 and Landers with his mom, Ruth Landers, delivered the money and food on Monday, Dec. 30.

Landers said they do not make a profit, the hot chocolate itself is free for people and anything they collect goes to the food bank.

Friends of the Landers donate a vat for them to make the hot chocolate in and this year, Ruth said, they had cups with lids.

“That was something people asked for after last year,” she said. “To have cups with lids for in the cars.”

This has now become a tradition of sorts for people, something they look forward to doing every year. Ruth said people will come by specifically looking for them because they remember them from the year before.

Their neighbors bring food over and a lot of people driving by that see the signs will stop and donate money, he said.

Landers said at first this was something that their parents wanted them to do but now that they do it, he likes it.

“It’s a good thing to do, to give back to the community,” he said.

They still plan on doing this again next year when Landers is a senior. For the years following his high school graduation, he said if it isn’t there, he imagines his parents will continue to serve hot chocolate and collect food bank donations on Christmas Eve.