Hit a fire engine | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

  • Tue Sep 27th, 2016 4:57pm
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RUNAWAY FOUND: Officers performed a random vehicle check on Sept. 16, learning the registered owner had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for her arrest. Officers pulled over the car, which was being driven by a man accompanied by a female passenger. The driver explained the car is his mother’s, who was at home. Dispatch advised the passenger was a confirmed missing person with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. The woman told officers she just called her mother to tell her where she was, and gave officers the number. Another officer arrived on scene and advised that the male driver had a revoked license and an outstanding felony warrant, and that it was possible there were stolen firearms in the car. The male driver was transported to SCORE Jail and the woman released to her mother. The car was impounded.

HIT A FIRE ENGINE: Officers were called Sept. 16 due to a hit and run with an East Pierce Fire and Rescue fire engine while the truck was parked near a grocery store. Near the truck were a driver side mirror and a door handle from the suspect vehicle, and were booked into evidence.