Hit and run disturbs truck driver’s shuteye | Sumner Police Blotter

All suspects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY: On April 6, officers responded to a residence where the homeowner had passed away and the grandson was living on the property in a trailer. The property owner had alarms set up. An alarm went off and the grandson found a male trying to force the front door of the main house and another male hiding in the bushes. He yelled at them and they took off westbound on Elm St. The grandson decided to discharge his firearm into the grass to encourage them not to come back; the suspects were not located but a shell casing was recovered at the scene.

HIT AND RUN: On March 25, officers responded to a report of a hit and run. The caller advised he was sleeping in the cabin of his semi-truck when he felt it shake. He observed the truck next to him hit his truck and continue out of the lot. The driver was unable to provide a detailed description of the suspect vehicle and the vehicle was not located.

OVERDOSE: On March 26, an officer responded to a report of an intentional overdose by aspirin. Officers assisted medical personnel in contacting the female inside of the residence after her mother called from offsite. The mother called after receiving a series of text messages from her daughter stating that she had taken some type of medicine to harm herself. The female admitted to taking as many pills as she could and fire personnel took her to the hospital for the intentional overdose.

SHOPLIFTING: On March 28, an officer was dispatched to an adult male shoplifter in custody who dispatch advised also had a warrant for his arrest. The officer arrived at the shopping center and contacted the shoplifter and the reporting party in his office. The shoplifter told the officer he came to the store with his daughter who was in the car. He put some items in his cart, and then realized he didn’t have enough money for all of the stuff so he chose not to pay for any of it. The shoplifter was issued a criminal citation to appear in court for the charge of theft in the third degree and was released to the Federal Way Police to be booked on their warrant.

FEUD SPILLS OVER: On March 30, a male subject reported his next door neighbor was pouring antifreeze down the sewer drain. Upon officers arrival the officer contacted the caller who stated that he confronted his neighbor and told him what he was doing was illegal but he became hostile and began to yell at him. The officer contacted the neighbor who advised that he and his neighbor were having an ongoing dispute for many years. He advised he was working on his vehicle in the driveway and a very small amount of antifreeze did leak out and he rinsed it away with the hose. The officer observed no antifreeze on the curb or near the sewer drain but advised the neighbor in the future to use an absorbent material and not wash it down the drain.

DOMESTIC: On March 28, officers were dispatched to the area of Sumner High School for a report of a male subject screaming at a female subject. Officers located the subjects and realized that they were involved in a previous verbal domestic dispute requiring police presence the week before. The female subject advised she was going to the church to see the priest and the male subject was following her and yelling at her. Both subjects are homeless and are living on city owned property down by the river and were advised that they would need to vacate. The female was offered domestic violence information and provided with a business card; she advised she was going to see the priest.