Johnson and Rackley lead Bonney Lake mayoral primary

The version of this story appearing in the Aug. 14 print edition of the Courier-Herald identified Mike Munson as a “Families For A Responsible Bonney Lake candidate.” A person speaking on behalf of Families wished to clarify that they have not endorsed any candidates in the local elections, nor do they have formal membership.

Incumbent Neil Johnson has taken a strong lead in the primary election for Bonney Lake mayor.

Ballots were due Aug. 6 for the primary election determining which two candidates would move on to the November general election. The primary results will be considered fully counted and certified Aug. 20.

As of Aug. 13, the most recent tally available as of this writing, Johnson held a 57.64 percent share of the total 2,028 votes counted.

Councilman James Rackley was in second place with 23.47 percent of votes.

Local business owner and candidate Mike Munson was in third with 18.05 percent of votes.

Write-ins accounted for 17 votes and less than 1 percent of the total.


The city of Sumner had one primary election for city council Position No. 1. Among four candidates, Planning Commissioner Earle Stuard led with 40.67 percent of 1,426 votes.

Incumbent Ed Hannus was in second place with 24.12 percent of votes.

Melony Kirkish Pederson, vice-chair of the design commission, was in third with 19.99 percent of the vote.

Jody Wilkins was in fourth with 14.73 percent of the vote.

Write-ins accounted for seven votes and less than 0.5 percent of the total.

In Pierce County at large, the election has so far seen a voter turnout at 19.86 percent, falling short of the 27 percent turnout for the 2011 election, but exceeding numbers for 2009, which saw the lowest primary turnout of the past eight years.