Knife drawn in domestic dispute | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

All suspects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

All suspects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

BURGLARY: At 11:04 a.m. May 14, an officer took a residential burglary report from a 106th St. E. home. The resident had returned home May 13 to find a man walking around her backyard. His jacket and pants pockets were stuffed with items, she said, which she later discovered were possessions pillaged from her home. The stolen property included jewelry, electronics, cash and medication. The complainant did not engage the suspect, and said she believed he gained entry through an unlocked door. The officer accepted an inventory report of the missing items and advised the complainant to monitor Craigslist and local pawn shops for the stolen items.

ASSAULT: At 9:02 p.m. May 18, officers responded to a domestic assault at an Angeline Road East residence. A woman reported her boyfriend had threatened her father with a knife. Officers contacted a man talking on his cellphone in the driveway and, after identifying him as the suspect, ordered him to the ground. A knife was located near the tire of a truck parked outside. The reporting woman, visibly upset, returned to the home from a neighbor’s residence to speak with police. The suspect told police he had been drinking since 2 p.m. and was arguing with his girlfriend in the kitchen when her father came out of his bedroom. The suspect began shouting at the father and they began to fight, grabbing each other’s shirts. He said he grabbed a knife from the butcher block, with his left hand, because he didn’t know what the father would do, but he claimed he did not do anything with the knife and that neither man struck the other. Officers located the father in the bushes of a nearby house; officers noted he was visibly shaken by the incident. His shirt was ripped in several spots and he had a cut on his tricep that could have been caused by a knife. During this time, officers located a second knife in the driveway that appeared to have been thrown out a nearby window, which had a broken pane. The suspect’s girlfriend reported he had been drinking with friends and, after they left, he “freaked out” over boxes left around from a recent furniture purchase. She said he began to throw the boxes around and then grabbed a desk and threw it across the kitchen. When her father came out to confront him, the suspect grabbed a knife in his right hand, raising it above his shoulder and shouting he would kill the man before lunging, she said. She intervened, he lost the knife in the struggle, and she ordered her father to leave with her young daughter while the suspect grabbed more knives. When asked about the knife that appeared to have been thrown out a window, the suspect said he had thrown knives toward the kitchen windows, but was not aiming at a person and did not know whether a knife had broken a window. The suspect was transported to Pierce County Jail and booked for first degree domestic assault, fourth degree domestic assault, malicious mischief, harassment and minor in possession.

DRUGS: At 1:05 p.m. May 19, an officer was dispatched to a 185th Avenue East address in reference to a report that several juveniles were at the residence using drugs. The officer attempted to make contact at the front door and, while waiting, observed several boys run from the back yard. The officer returned to the patrol car and contacted two boys walking on the sidewalk, one of whom was found to have a glass bong under his jacket. The bong was seized for destruction. One boy was released at the scene and the boy with the bong was turned over to his mother.

COUNTERFEIT: At 8:06 a.m. May 20, an officer responded to an AM/PM in reference to a counterfeit $20 bill. An employee reported a woman had attempted to purchase fuel with the bill. She confronted the woman over the fake cash, and the woman insisted it was real and unsuccessfully attempted to take the money back. The employee followed the woman out the store and obtained a license plate number on her vehicle. The bill was seized and placed into police evidence, and the employee said she would attempt to retrieve security footage of the incident.


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