Lake Tapps drawdown to begin in November

Cascade Water Alliance and the Lake Tapps Community Council announced the following, in regards to winter and spring water levels:

Cascade will maintain the lake at the lower end of the recreational range, which is approximately 541 feet until the fall drawdown begins around Nov. 1. Once the drawdown begins, the lake will lower to 539 feet by mid-November. The lake will be fully drawn down to approximately 536 feet after the holidays.

The lake will begin refilling in late February, with a full recreational pool level to be reached near mid-April.

Anyone choosing to do construction during this period must obtain the appropriate permits from Pierce County, the City of Bonney Lake and the state if required. All paperwork must be completed prior to beginning construction. Permits can be obtained by visiting Cascade’s website.

In 2009, the Lake Tapps Community Council and Cascade Water Alliance established a long term agreement ensuring consistent, seasonal lake levels every year. This announcement has been made in accordance with that agreement. Cascade will raise the lake to the allowable 543 foot level at least once per year to ensure homeowners recognize where this level is for future planning.