UPDATE: Large product leak at Williams Pipeline station in Sumner resolved

3/29 11:22 a.m. update:

East Pierce Locak 3520 reported at 11:11 a.m. via twitter that Williams Pipeline crews were on the scene.

The product stopped leaking at around 11:19 a.m. and the roadways opened soon afterward.

Video tweeted by Komo News.

3/29 Original story:

East Pierce Fire and Rescue has reported a large vapor leak at the Williams Pipeline Mercaptan Station along the 2300 block of East Valley Highway East.

Firefighter crews have closed off the highway from the Cascade Water to the Log Cabin along the highway, as well as the Forest Canyon Road East between Cottage Road and the highway.

“It appears to be 2 pressure relief valves activating and venting some type of product at a large rate” an East Pierce IAFF Local 3520 Facebook update reads.

“Fortunately for #Sumner vapor leak, not many homes in area,” an IAFF3520 tweet reads. “Businesses have been or process of being advised to shelter in place.”

More updates as they come.