Rick Gilmore, a Puyallup resident, works on motorcycle sketches and art, as well as tattoos. His work will be featured in the upcoming Bonney Lake Artists Reception on April 21. Photo by Bailey Jo Josie

Local artists host reception in Bonney Lake

Artists of all walks of life are invited to Bonney Lake’s quarterly Artist Reception Friday, April 21.

The theme is “Bound” and artists and photographers from south Puget Sound will incorporate their work into it – including Glory Cancro, a member of Bonney Lake’s Arts Commission and organizer of the event.

“I find reflection in the chaos of the natural world,” she said.

Cancro has been an artist her entire life, though she has only been with the Arts Commission for a few months. She has high hopes for the future of public art in Bonney Lake.

“My vision for city is to utilize private space with public art. It’s important to branch out and not pass over people here in Bonney Lake,” she said.

When Cancro moved to the area three years ago, she felt there were few spaces to meet other artists in Bonney Lake, and she was hosting monthly art groups in her home before she joined the commission.

“As a commissioner, my goal is to find and encourage all artists,” she said.

One of the artists Cancro was able to find was Rick Gilmore of Puyallup. Gilmore is a local artist whose portfolio is full of vintage motorcycles and posters that he has created for various events and businesses throughout the Puget Sound area – each one perfectly detailed with his signature pen-and-ink.

“I always had a pen and pencil growing up, though I use airbrush, acrylics, oils,” he said. Gilmore has also been a tattoo artist, though he says he has none of his own since he’s not satisfied with other people’s art being on his skin.

Gilmore cares very deeply for art and agrees with the sentiment that there aren’t enough local places for artists to meet.

“Artists need to be seen and to discuss art; to do that requires a space and a place that they can go to any time,” he said. “I got to know Glory and we talked a lot about art, and I was invited to the artist reception to advocate art in the area.”

Other local artists who will be included in the showcase are Melissa Deckman, Kaila Standon, Tom Sauro, Cindy Larson, Carrie Maez, Kate Cendejas, Josh Thun, Jennifer Bursch, Beverly Bermile, Suzy Fountaine and the Rainier Hills photography club.

Cancro said that she hopes that the artist showcase will give the people of Bonney Lake the chance to appreciate local artists and that it will lead to more projects through the city.

“The commission has little resources,” she said.

The showcase will be an open event that Cancro and Gilmore believe will lead to some change in the area.

“I hope that it’s a segway into more, and I hope it will lead to the city committing more energy into local art,” Gilmore said.

The Artist Showcase will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Bonney Lake Justice &Municipal Center, 9002 Main St. E. All ages are welcome and there will be light food and beverages available.


Examples of Glory Cancro’s work. She helped organize the artist reception and look for other artists to show off at the show. Photo by Bailey Jo Josie

Photo by Bailey Jo Josie. Art by Glory Cancro.

Photo by Bailey Jo Josie. Art by Rick Gilmore.