Making sweet music by recycling electronics

Bonney Lake seniors Kimmie and Chelsea help direct a resident to where he can recycle his batteries and freezer.

From flat-screens to freezers, gym lockers to rusty lawnmowers, many Bonney Lake residents took advantage of the high school’s electronics recycling event last Saturday by bringing their unused and broken electronics and recyclables to the school to be recycled and scrapped.

Residents also donated money to the school’s marching band to attend competitions later in the year.

The event was organized and hosted by the parent group Panther Band Alliance and the marching band, whose members enthusiastically invited drivers along state Route 410 and other streets to drop by the high school with their recyclables.

Travis Mills, the band director, said he was pleased with both the amount of recyclables brought and the donations the band received.

“The biggest thing is the community can safely recycle their electronics and give the band extra recognition,” he said.

This is the second year the high school has held a recycling event, and Mills hopes to make it a successful annual event for the first Saturday of every year.

This year, the band raised $1,800 in order to attend five in-state competitions, including a competition in Spokane.

All the recycling was organized and carried out by 1 Green Planet. Richie Rodarte, who was in charge at the site, said that all proceeds made from the recyclables and scrap materials are donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.