Milfoil eradication begins Tuesday

Cascade Water Alliance announced Tuesday that this year’s milfoil eradication activities will begin on Lake Tapps Tuesday, Aug. 28. This year, instead of using an herbicide, the plan calls solely for hand-pulling of the non-native weed.

This is the third year of the eradication program, and in the first two years chemicals were used.  They have been so successful that this year no herbicide applications will be necessary.

Divers with Cascade’s contractor Aquatechnex will be out on the lake manually removing milfoil for approximately 3 weeks.

Many residents have indicated they think they have milfoil, but it has turned out to be  native  species. If residents think they have milfoil, encourage them to pull it, take a picture of it and send it to for a determination of whether it is indeed milfoil or just native species. Cascade staff will follow up.