No murder charges filed against Bonney Lake shooters

No murder charges have been filed in the shooting death of a man shot dead in a Bonney Lake garage this past week.

According to prosecutors, the man, identified as Donald Thomas, 26, was planning to rob the residents of the house, located in the 9200 block of 75th Street East, during a drug deal and was killed in self defense.

However, the three people who lived in the duplex, Job Mitchel Edwards, 33, Michael Allen Edwards, 35 and Krystal Lee Frietas, 32, will face first-degree kidnapping charges and a charge of felony harassment.

An accomplice to Thomas, Colton Elliot Geeson, 20, was charged with first-degree attempted robbery.

According to Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Phil Sorenson, the three residents thought Thomas was there to make a drug deal, when suddenly he pulled out a handgun.

“A struggle happens over his gun,” Sorenson said.

In the scuffle, the Edwards brothers each grabbed a weapon, one a handgun and the other a shotgun, and both shot Thomas as he attempted to escape the house.

“It appears as though the brothers were justified in shooting him based on the self defense law of the state of Washington,” Sorenson said.

Just because they are involved in criminal activity does not mean they waive their rights to defend themselves, Sorenson said.

However, after they shot Thomas, the Edwards brothers held Geeson at the scene, prompting the kidnapping charges.

“After the shooting took place they basically held (Geeson), who was part of the home invading party, at gunpoint and told him they were going to kill him,” Sorenson said.

The weapons were recovered at the scene: a handgun that belonged to Thomas, and a handgun and shotgun belonging to the Edwards brothers.

Police continue to investigate and Sorenson said additional charges may be filed based on evidence recovered during the investigation.