Not an alarm system | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

  • Tue Sep 6th, 2016 4:45pm
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COMMERCIAL ALARM: On Aug. 31 officers were alerted to a commercial alarm at a movie theater. At the location, officers saw a truck that was running with two males inside. When asked by officers, the males said they didn’t know an alarm had gone off and the driver just met with the passenger to give him a ride. A records check revealed the passenger had a confirmed warrant for commercial burglary. The passenger was arrested and police seized a baggy of heroin on his person. He was transported to the Pierce County jail.

NOT AN ALARM SYSTEM: Officers were called on Aug. 31 to a potential residential burglary. The victim reported hearing strange noises outside her home in the early morning but thought it was her cat. Later, her in-home furnace alarm went off, telling her the thermostat outside was malfunctioning. She inspected the thermostat, which was missing, although the mount was in place. Officers believe it was possible someone thought the thermostat was part of an alarm system. Officers cleared the area but was advised another officer was responding to another call for a suspicious person, and they may have found the thermostat. Officers returned the thermostat, sans batteries.