Pierce County primary election results | Carbonado, Charter Review, Port

The Pierce County Auditor's primary election night results show Carbonado's Emily Jones and Roberta Kyllonen will be moving forward to the general election.

Primary election

The Pierce County Auditor’s primary election night results show Carbonado’s Emily Jones and Roberta Kyllonen will be moving forward to the general election in Position No. 4 and Amos Green and Buck McBride in Position No. 5.


Carbonado Council Position 4

Roberta (Doodie) Kyllonen    36    28.80%

Emily Jones    82    65.60%

Tim Johnson    7    5.60%

Write-In    0    0.00%


Over Votes    0

Under Votes    1


Carbonado Council Position 5

Amos Green    60    48.78%

Buck McBride    47    38.21%

Dale Lyons    15    12.20%

Write-In    1    0.81%


Over Votes    0

Under Votes


Charter Review Dist. 1 Pos. 1

Charla Neuman    2,296    25.19%

an Shabro    4,098    44.96%

Lynda Hunt    2,681    29.41%

Write-In    40    0.44%


Over Votes    7

Under Votes    639


Charter Review Dist. 1 Pos. 3

Joshua Penner    4,245    46.34%

Shawn Bunney    3,426    37.40%

Nnenna C. Hill    1,452    15.85%

Write-In    38    0.41%


Over Votes    4

Under Votes


Port of Tacoma Commissioner Pos. 5


– – Dick Walters    13,921    21.33%

– – Clare Petrich    37,084    56.81%

– – Patrick A. Gallagher    13,917    21.32%

Write-In    358    0.55%

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