Preliminary August 2018 Primary results

Check out who is leading and who is falling behind in the August 2018 primary election.


• Thor Amundson (Prefers Independent Party): 0.55%

• Dave Strider (Prefers Independent Party): 0.38%

• Joey Gibson (Prefers Republican Party): 2.19%

• Mike Luke (Prefers Libertarian Party): 0.65%

• GoodSpaceGuy (Prefers Republican Party): 0.41%

• Clint R. Tannehill (Prefers Democratic Party): 1.96%

• Maria Cantwell (Prefers Democratic Party): 56.76%

• Susan Hutchison (Prefers Republican Party): 23.86%

• Brad Chase (Prefers FDFR Party): 0.13%

• Tim Owen (Prefers Republican Party): 1.17%

• Matthew D. Heines (Prefers Republican Party): 0.46%

• Sam Wright (Prefers The Human Rights Party): 0.21%

• Art Coday (Prefers Republican Party): 1.25%

• John Orlinski (Prefers Republican Party): 0.38%

• Charlie R Jackson (Prefers Independent Party): 0.14%

• Keith Swank (Prefers Republican Party): 2.35%

• Alex Tsimerman (Prefers StandupAmerica Party): 0.08%

• RC Smith (Prefers Republican Party): 0.14%

• Don L. Rivers (Prefers Democratic Party): 0.69%

• Jennifer Gigi Ferguson (Prefers Independent Party): 1.32%

• Steve Hoffman (Prefers Freedom Socialist Party): 0.4%

• George H. Kalberer (Prefers Democratic Party): 0.15%

• James Robert “Jimmie” Deal (Prefers Green Party): 0.21%

• Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (Prefers Republican Party): 0.32%

• Jon Butler (Prefers Independent Party): 0.11%

• Dave Bryant (Prefers Republican Party): 1.95%

• Mohammad Said (Prefers Democratic Party): 0.49%

• Matt Hawkins (Prefers Republican Party): 0.65%

• Glen R Stockwell (Prefers Republican Party): 0.63%


Dino Rossi (Prefers GOP Party): 42.48%

• Jason Rittereiser (Prefers Democratic Party): 16.86%

• Keith Arnold (Prefers Independent)*(No Party): 0.68%

• Bill Grassie (Prefers Indep. Centrist Party): 0.64%

• Kim Schrier (Prefers Democratic Party): 19.59%

• Todd Mahaffey (States No Party Preference): 0.42%

• Jack Hughes-Hageman (Prefers The Republican Party): 2.8%

• Shannon Hader (Prefers Democratic Party): 13.01%

• Tom Cramer (Prefers Democratic Party): 0.99%

• Gordon Allen Pross (Prefers Republican Party): 1.28%

• Patrick Dillon (Prefers Neither Major Party): 0.56%

• Richard Travis Reyes (Prefers Libertarian Party): 0.69%


State Senator:

• Immaculate Ferreria (Prefers Democratic Party): 38.59%

• Jeff Benson (States No Party Preference): 6.02%

• Phil Fortunato (Prefers Republican Party): 55.39%

State Representative Position No. 1

• Victoria Mena (Prefers Democratic Party): 44.47%

• Drew Stokesbary (Prefers Republican Party): 55.53%

State Representative Position No. 2

• Steve Skutt (States No Party Preference): 5.2%

• Mark Boswell (Prefers Democratic Party): 41.23%

• Morgan Irwin (Prefers Republican Party): 53.57%


King County Prop. 1: Automated Fingerprint Identification System Services property tax

Yes: 56.09%

No: 49.91%

Pierce County Council District No. 1

• Sharon Hanek (Prefers Republican Party): 14.72%

• Milton (Milt) Tremblay (Prefers Republican Party): 14.8%

• Lorra Jackson (Prefers Democratic Party): 39.85%

• Dave Morell (Prefers Republican Party): 30.64%

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