Primary election results | Aug. 2

The following are the first returns from the Aug. 2 primary election. Election results are updated daily at about 4 p.m. The results will be certified Aug. 16 by the Canvassing Board.

The following are the first returns from the Aug. 2 primary election. Election results are updated daily at about 4 p.m. The results will be certified Aug. 16 by the Canvassing Board.

• King County

Legislative District 31

Position No. 1

Drew Stokesbary 73.78% – 3262 votes

John Frostad 25.61% – 1132 votes

Write-In 0.61% – 27 votes

Position No. 2

Lane Walthers 38.41% – 1835 votes

Pablo Monroy 6.59% – 315 votes

Phil Fortunato 40.28% – 1924 votes

Morgan Irwin 14.51% – 693 votes

Write-In 0.21% – 10 votes


0.00% – 0 votes

• Pierce County

State Rep. 31st Legislative Pos. 1

Drew Stokesbary 6,519 73.22%

John Frostad 2,325 26.11%

Write-In 59 0.66%

Over Votes 0

Under Votes 1,245

State Rep. 31st Legislative Pos. 2

Lane Walthers 3,399 36.35%

Pablo Monroy 971 10.39%

Phil Fortunato 3,646 38.99%

Morgan Irwin 1,313 14.04%

Write-In 21 0.22%

Over Votes 12

Under Votes 786

Combined results

Legislative District 31 – State Representative Position No. 1

Drew Stokesbary(Prefers Republican Party)

3,262 74.24%

John Frostad(Prefers Libertarian Party)

1,132 25.76%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 4,394

Legislative District 31 – State Representative Position No. 2

Lane Walthers(Prefers Independent Dem. Party)

1,835 38.49%

Pablo Monroy(Prefers Republican Party)

315 6.61%

Phil Fortunato(Prefers Republican Party)

1,924 40.36%

Morgan Irwin(Prefers Republican Party)

693 14.54%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 4,767

• County Executive

Rick Talbert 37,914    45.99%

Larry Faulk 6,208    7.53%

Bruce Dammeier 24,955    30.27%

Dan Roach 13,202    16.02%

Write-In    152    0.18%


Over Votes    145

Under Votes    3,162


County Council District No. 2

Carolyn Edmonds 4,663    36.52%

Pat Jenkins  2,372    18.58%

Pam Roach    5,677    44.46%

Write-In    56    0.44%


Over Votes    13

Under Votes    779

• Governor

Goodspaceguy(Prefers Republican Party)

7,620 1.06%

Bill Hirt(Prefers Republican Party)

27,586 3.84%

Mary Martin(Prefers Socialist Worker Party)

5,516 0.77%

Steve Rubenstein(Prefers Independent Party)

11,473 1.6%

David W. Blomstrom(Prefers Fifth Republic Party)

2,641 0.37%

Johnathan Dodds(Prefers Democratic Party)

8,242 1.15%

Patrick O’Rourke(Prefers Democratic Party)

19,567 2.72%

Christian Pierre Joubert(Prefers Holistic Party)

2,020 0.28%

James Robert Deal(Prefers Democratic Party)

7,549 1.05%

Jay Inslee(Prefers Democratic Party)

353,629 49.19%

Bill Bryant(Prefers Republican Party)

273,071 37.98%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 718,914

• Commissioner Of Public Lands

144,277 21.13%

Mary Verner(Prefers Democratic Party)

89,413 13.09%

Steven M. Nielson(Prefers Libertarian Party)

31,685 4.64%

Dave Upthegrove(Prefers Democratic Party)

95,436 13.98%

Karen Porterfield(Prefers Democratic Party)

33,768 4.95%

Steve McLaughlin(Prefers Republican Party)

262,560 38.45%

John Stillings(Prefers Democratic Party)

25,710 3.77%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 682,849

Superintendent of Public Instruction

John Patterson Blair

39,057 6.48%

Chris Reykdal

124,593 20.68%

Ron Higgins

101,364 16.82%

Grazyna Prouty

12,847 2.13%

Robin Fleming

89,150 14.8%

Al Runte

17,778 2.95%

Erin Jones

139,746 23.19%

KumRoon (Mr. Mak) Maksirisombat

23,377 3.88%

David Spring

54,649 9.07%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 602,561


• U.S. Senator

Philip L. Cornell(Prefers Democratic Party)

26,012 3.28%

Sam Wright(Prefers The Human Rights Party)

6,516 0.82%

Chris Vance(Prefers Republican Party)

219,950 27.74%

Uncle Mover (Prefers Republican Party)

5,512 0.7%

Zach Haller(Prefers Independent Party)

3,284 0.41%

Donna Rae Lands(Prefers Conservative Party)

7,241 0.91%

Mohammad Said(Prefers Democratic Party)

6,997 0.88%

Eric John Makus(Prefers Republican Party)

34,784 4.39%

Alex Tsimerman(Prefers Standupamerica Party)

2,461 0.31%

Dr Pano Churchill(Prefers Lincoln Caucus Party)

2,562 0.32%

Patty Murray(Prefers Democratic Party)

423,616 53.42%

Ted Cummings(Prefers Independent Party)

6,307 0.8%

Thor Amundson(Prefers Democratic Party)

4,630 0.58%

Scott Nazarino(Prefers Republican Party)

24,158 3.05%

Mike Luke(Prefers Libertarian Party)

11,165 1.41%

Chuck Jackson(Prefers Independent Party)

3,795 0.48%

Jeremy Teuton (Prefers System Reboot Party)

3,928 0.5%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 792,918


• Supreme Court

Barbara Madsen

439,504 64.32%

Greg Zempel

198,948 29.12%

(Zamboni) John Scannell

44,821 6.56%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 683,273



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