Report of shooting in Bonney Lake, one male shot | Breaking News

Officers closed off the 7200 block of 193rd avenue to investigate the shooting.

1:47 UPDATE:

The 7200 block of 193rd Avenue East has been reopened to traffic, although the investigation in still ongoing.

12:25 UPDATE:

It has been confirmed by East Pierce Fire and Rescue that the intruder was shot by the resident. The intruder was shot outside of the home on 193rd Avenue East.

10:39 UPDATE:

Officers are waiting for a search warrant. The investigation will continue throughout the day.

10:18 UPDATE:

The 7200 block of 193rd Avenue East has been closed to traffic for officers to investigate the shooting.

Ray Still on the scene:

At about 8:20 a.m. Sept 28 there was a report of a shooting in Bonney Lake in the 7200 block of 193rd Avenue East near the senior center.

The report is one male received a gunshot wound to the leg.

Initial report was the incident allegedly was a home invasion, although there are some reports the individuals may have known each other.

It is unclear if the male is the alleged home invader or a resident.

Animal control is on the scene attempting to secure a dog in the backroom of the house so police officers can enter the scene.