Resisting arrest | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

  • Tue Sep 20th, 2016 5:09pm
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RESISTING ARREST: On Aug. 31 officers spotted a car known to belong to a man with a warrant in the Bonney Lake Municipal Court parking lot. Officers approached the car and saw the man in the front seat. Officers attempted to get the man’s attention but the man ignored them. Officers opened the front door of the car and ordered the man out of the car, but the man refused. After ordering the man several times to leave the car, the man turned his back to officers and reached for the center console. Because officers could not see his hands, officers pulled him from the car and eventually laid him on the ground. The man was cited for resisting arrest and booked into Fife jail.

NARCOTICS, WEAPONS: Officers were flagged down on Sept. 1 by a citizen who wanted to report possible narcotics activity happening at a residence. Officers went to the home and ran a records check on the car in front of the home, learning the owner had a warrant and a history involving drugs. Officers saw the owner later get into the car and leave. When officers pulled him over, he attempted to leave his car until officers told him to stay where he was. Officers arrested the man for his warrant and found a set of brass knuckles but no drugs.