Results | 39th annual Buckley Amateur Log Show | Slideshow

The following results were announced following completion of the 39th annual Buckley Amateur Log Show.

Rod Boustead and Darrell Durbin compete in the Buckley Log Show Saturday with the Insanesaw.

The following results were announced following completion of the 39th annual Buckley Amateur Log Show.

Competition took place Saturday and Sunday at Buckley’s Log Show Grounds.


Speed Climbing

1st – Tyson Hanson

2nd – Billy Clinkingbeard

3rd – Jordan Zender


Obstacle Bucking

1st – Tyson Hanson

2nd – Chris Slyter

3rd – Jeff Carlson

Horizontal Block Chop

1st – Brad Thompson

2nd – Ryan Boyle

3rd – Dan Graves


Choker Setting

1st – Billy Clinkingbeard

2nd – Jeffrey Fetter

3rd – Tyson Hanson


Ax Throw

1st – Brad Thompson

2nd – Leo Thompson

3rd – Darren Breault


Hot Saw Limited

1st – Jake Frick

2nd – Sonny Frick

3rd – Bud Hanson


Single Bucking

1st – Frank Cain Jr.

2nd – Jay Doty

3rd – Jeff Fetter


Tree Topping

1st – Tyson Hanson

2nd – Jase Sellers

3rd – Billy Clinkingbeard


Modified Hot Saw

1st – Bud Hanson

Tyson Hanson


Hot Saw Unlimited

1st – Barry Rawson

Danny Clarke


Standing Block Chop

1st – James Murphy

2nd – Brad Thompson

3rd – Dan Clarke


Obstacle Pole Bucking

1st – Tyson Hanson

2nd – Mathew Busic

3rd – Jeff Fetter


Wrapper Toss

1st – Jeff Fetter

2nd – Brad Thompson

3rd – Tyson Hanson


Obstacle Choker Setting

1st – Jeff Fetter

2nd – Hank Hartle

3rd – Chris Slyter


Log Rolling

1st – Billy Clinkingbeard

2nd – Jeff Fetter

3rd – Leo Thompson


Double Bucking

1st – Jay Doty/Darren Breault

2nd – Mike Nicholas/Dan Graves

3rd – Brad Thompson/Leo Thompson



1st – Barry Rawson/Sonny Frick

2nd – Tyson Hanson/Bud Hanson

3rd – Jeff Fetter/Jeffrey Ftter


Ma and Pa Bucking

1st – Brad Thompson/Martha Nicholas

2nd – Chris Nicholas/Elizabeth Birklid

3rd – Jeff Fetter/Marie Railing


Best Load of Logs

1st – Hanson Logging and Cutting

2nd – John Dickinson Trucking

3rd – Doug Britschgi Trucking


Sportsmanship Award

Colby Herrington


Most Effort Award

Arthur Fetter


Crew Team Relay

Wyss Logging


2012 All-Around Logger

Tyson Hanson


2012 Bull of the Woods

Ray “Butch” Miller

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