Sumner actress gets L.A. experience

Saveya Boyle holds her two IMTA medals on the red carpet in Los Angeles.

A rising star from Sumner got her first taste of the red carpet earlier this month.

Saveya Boyle, 12, placed in the top 10 Actress of the Year category at the 2015 International Models & Talent convention in Los Angeles, along with an honorable mention in the T.V. Beauty category.

“It was crazy,” Saveya exclaimed. “I thought it was so cool. I got see some different styles of acting and dancers… It was so cool.”

The International Models & Talent Association (IMTA) is, as the name suggests, an international modeling and training association that works to find blooming actors, artists and models around the world.

The event Saveya attended was a four-day long convention in Los Angeles, where she pitted her acting skills in screen tests, cold reads and monologues against other actresses and actors her own age hundreds and hundreds, her father said.

Although she only started her acting career last year, becoming a TV star has been her dream since she was little.

“My main focus right now is to make my way onto the Disney Channel,” Saveya said. “I’ve been wanting to get on the Disney Channel for such a long time. That’s when I started wanting to act.”

Though the IMTA convention has been Saveya’s newest, and largest, acting experience, she’s also had small roles elsewhere. She was in a commercial for the Microsoft Pro 3 tablet, cast as an extra in the TV show Siren Song, and took on the role of Auntie Em in the Sumner Middle School’s production of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Although the IMTA convention is over, Saveya has several opportunities to travel back to Los Angeles to meet some new agents.

“I’ve gotten eight callbacks,” she said, explaining that agents who watched her during the convention are calling her to audition for different roles.

Saveya currently has an agent with Seattle Talent but hopes to sign a new contract with another agent in the next two weeks.