Sumner construction company fined for stormwater violations

  • Tue Feb 24th, 2009 6:39am
  • News

A Sumner construction company has been fined $36,000 for violations of its construction stormwater permit, according to the Washington Department of Ecology.

The DOE levied the fine against Stowe Construction for failure to prevent, control and treat stormwater runoff from its Rainier Park of Industry Division Four construction site at West Valley and 52nd Street East in Sumner. According to information provided by the agency, Ecology provided company owner Bryan Stowe with technical assistance several times to help him bring the Rainier Park property and another site in Sumner into compliance with stormwater regulations.

The Rainier Park site includes 51.4 acres of disturbed soil on a steep slope in the city of Sumner. A drainage channel across the street from the front of the project runs to a salmon-bearing channel known as the Milwaukee ditch. Water in the channel eventually empties into White River.

Ecology inspectors have visited the site numerous times since late 2007 to help the project’s managers understand and correct their stormwater permit violations. However, Ecology’s most recent inspection indicates there are still multiple violations of the project’s permit.

“Ecology’s considerable interactions with Mr. Stowe’s projects suggest he is well aware of the requirements of his construction stormwater permit,” said Kelly Susewind, Ecology’s water quality program manager.

Ecology’s $36,000 penalty cites the company for failing to:

• Prevent, control and treat stormwater runoff from the site.

• Keep a stormwater pollution plan and inspection reports on site.

• Prevent the discharge of muddy water from the site.

• Maintain silt fencing, plastic sheeting, check dams and drain inlets, all of which are used to control and reduce stormwater runoff from a construction site.

Stowe has 30 days to respond to the fine. The company can pay the penalty, appeal it to the state Pollution Control Hearings Board or file a request for reconsideration with Ecology.