Sumner recycling center not to reopen

The city of Sumner’s recycling center at the end of State Street will not be re-opening as planned.

The center was closed mid-June while the Wastewater Treatment Facility was expanded. The center was planned to be re-opened sometime in the fall.

Instead, the city decided to keep the recycling center closed in order to give more parking space to visitors of the Sumner Link Trail and residents picking up their Bonney Good Sumner Grow soil amendment.

“Looking at the parking lot, looking at the trail being finished and that being more of a trailhead, it didn’t make sense to bring the recycling center back,” said Sumner Communications Director CarmenPalmer. “Having that trail is a huge priority for the entire town, so having good access to the trail actually moves us forward.”

However, current construction means the kiosk for the Sumner Grow is still temporarily closed.

Alternate locations

Sumner residents can still recycle their newspaper, cardboard and glass at the recycling center off EastMain Street in Puyallup, approximately a mile and a half away from the old State Street center.

There is also a DM Disposal facility on 70th Ave East, off of Levy Road in Fife. This site closes at 3 p.m.Monday through Friday, and is sometimes open on weekends.

Bonney Lake also offers two glass recycling areas; one at Allan Yorke Park and the other at the Justice and Municipal Center.

Fall Clean Up

Unrelated to the closed recycling center is the annual Fall Clean Up, when DM Disposal takes extra garbage, yard waste, and even old appliances away for free.

For residents to request DM Disposal to take their extra trash away, they must affix official Fall Clean Up coupons onto trash bags or appliances.

The coupons will be mailed out to Sumner residents, but can also be downloaded on the Sumner website.

DM Disposal accepts up to three extra bags or trash containers up to 32 gallons each, with a officially designated coupon on one of the bags or containers.

The company will also accept the same amount of extra yard waste.

Extra trash and yard waste will be collected on Nov. 10.

DM Disposal will only remove one old appliance left out of the curb, and will pick up the appliance between Nov. 9 13.