Sumner sophomore to perform in London’s New Year’s Parade

Three hundred million people watch London’s New Year’s Parade every year.

Tiffani Terhune excels at tumbling, but is learning how to be lifted for group stunts. Photo by Ray Still.

Three hundred million people watch London’s New Year’s Parade every year.

This year, Sumner gets to be a part of it by sending sophomore Tiffani Terhune to perform in the parade.

The cheerleader was selected by Varsity Spirit, a national cheerleading-focused organization, last summer to represent the organization in the 30th annual parade.

According to Varsity Spirit, only roughly 650 cheerleaders and dancers from across the nation will be heading overseas.

The selection process started over the summer at a Varsity Spirit cheer camp that the Sumner team attended.

Terhune only started cheer at Sumner last April, and it was her first ever Varsity Spirit summer camp.

At the camp, coaches from the National Cheerleading Association nominated Terhune as an All-American, giving her a chance to try out for the parade team.

In addition to performing in the parade, Terhune also gets to take a tour of London’s most historical sites.

“It’s a pretty surreal feeling,” she said one day after practice. “You always hear about the historical places in London… but you never really get the opportunity to see it in person. I’m just so excited for that.”

Cheer coach Cyndee Meek said many cheerleaders who have attended Varsity Spirit camps get nominated as All-Americans, but this is the first time a Sumner cheerleader was picked for the team.

“We are so excited,” Meek said. “She’s a wonderful young lady and we’re really proud of her.”

Since being picked, Terhune has been practicing her routine with a video sent to her by her coaches.

“I know we’re doing the dance to the ‘Rocky’ theme song, and I’m in the process of learning the routine right now, but I don’t know where I’ll be positioned,” she said.

The first time she will be practicing the routine with anyone else will be after she flies in on Dec. 26, meaning she only has five days to practice with her team before the parade.

“I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to represent Sumner High School in London,” she said, thanking her teammates, her coach and her parents for their support.

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