The Sumner Police Department responded to 665 emergenc

  • Tue Jan 27th, 2009 1:23am
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Sumner Police

The Sumner Police Department responded to 665 emergency calls during the period of Jan. 4 through Jan. 17 and made 25 arrests.

Suspects apprehended included a suspect wanted for forgery and identity theft, who was the subject of a several-week investigation. In a separate incident officers responded to a possible stalking involving a juvenile female and an adult male.

Much of the department’s time was dedicated to assistance with flood response, entailing 24-hour security in evacuated areas.

The new year started with the auto theft task force making its first arrest in a stolen vehicle case with the assistance of the Bonney Lake Police Department. Interviews with Bonney Lake offices resulted in locating another stolen vehicle and the arrest of someone selling stolen car parts. Police also apprehended a suspect in multiple armed robberies in Central Pierce County. The suspect was wanted in connection with robberies of espresso stands and was featured on Washington’s Most Wanted TV program and Web site.