Vote for 5-member fire board of commissioners | Letter to the Editor

I am writing in support of the King County Fire District 28 (Enumclaw) Proposition Number 1. I have been a citizen of the district for over 10 years and have followed the district business, attended board of fire commissioner meetings and am familiar with the current issues at hand.

I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Enumclaw Fire Department nor am I related to anyone who is or has been a member. I have however, over 45 years of experience in the fire service and have worked for five different fire districts that were governed by a board of fire commissioners.

I support a five-person board for several reasons. Under the current three-person board, no committees of the board can be formed as two commissioners in attendance constitute a quorum. Under a five-person board, two board members could become part of a committee with other individuals, study issues and return to the board with recommendations. This is more efficient and expedites board decisions. Another benefit of a five-person board is it reduces the possibility of one commissioner swaying or controlling decisions by the board; it is much harder to convince two individuals to do the wrong thing than it is to convince one. A five-person board requires three persons to vote yes, not just two. A five-person board also requires three in attendance to constitute a quorum and take any action, not just two persons required with a three-person board.

There are many vital issues related to the current level of service and funding for the fire department, an increase in board members will assist in making these important decisions.

Vote “yes” for Proposition 1, attend board of fire commissioners meetings and be an informed voter.

Many positive changes have occurred with your department; let’s continue this with an increase in board members.

Greg Smith

Unincorporated King County