Voters say “no” to charter-code

  • Tue Feb 10th, 2009 2:14am
  • News

Bonney Lake voters sent a clear message to keep the current form of government for their city.

Results from the Feb. 3 special election showed almost 90 percent opposed Proposition No. 1 that would have changed the city government from code form to charter-code.

Unofficial results posted on the Pierce County Election Web site reported 1,811 voted against Prop. No. 1, while 209 favored the measure. The officials results will be announced Feb. 18.

Mayor Neil Johnson was pleased with the results.

“I am happy to report that we prevailed and the voters spoke with a resounding ‘no’ vote,” Johnson said. “This was a clear message that the city of Bonney Lake works and that our mayor and a majority of our council members are doing a great job.”

Also on the special election ballot were 15 freeholder candidates running for 14 of the 15 commission seats – a move made necessary only if Prop. No. 1 had been successful. If passed, the commissioners would have needed six months to writer a charter outlining the city’s government. The City Council would have appointed a 15th commissioner.