White River district inks three-year contract

The White River School Board gave its nod to a three-year contract with teachers during its Oct. 12 meeting.

The White River Education Association ratified the pact in September. The two sides came to an agreement in early September, but were delayed in getting all parties together for final negotiations.

White River teachers have been working without a contract since Aug. 31.

WREA President Dameon Marlow said the contract is similar to the one-year agreement teachers were currently working under.

In districts across the state, the discrepancy from state and local money regarding salaries was an issue.

In the contract, the district will pay the 1.9 percent difference in salary between the 2010-11 Salary Allocation Model and the 2011-12 model. In 2012-13, the district will pay certificated staff in alignment with the 2012-13 model.

The contract that year also notes, contingent upon the district having an unassigned fund balance, the district agrees to pay the 1.9 percent difference between salary the 2010-11 SAM and 2012-13 SAM and increase elementary planning time with a goal of achieving five days with 45 minutes of planning time by the school year of 2013-14.

If the district does not have unassigned fund balance to support the 1.9 percent and movement toward additional elementary planning time, a proportionate amount of time will be deducted for example additional days.

If the state reduces the 2012-13 SAM a proportionate amount of time will be deducted. The same would stand for 2013-14 school year.

Marlow said the District and the Association will continue to watch the state together.

“With the state being so questionable fiscally, we had to protect the district’s fiscal position as well,” Marlow said.

Other points of the contract include:

• Intellectual Rights – Staff members may insert their name on and will be given credit for any item created by said staff member and used by administration in any building presentation.

• District-Directed Days – The district will pay the eight District-Directed Days on a separate contract divided out over 12 months. Staff not completing the time will have pay deducted in July or August.

• Labor Management Meetings – The District agrees to share/discuss piloting/changing curriculum and ongoing adoptions that might impact certificated staff responsibilities.

• Professional Development – The District agrees to make every effort to minimize the impact on classrooms for professional development to two full days per school year.

• Class Size – Elementary: The principal will involve the teacher of a split class when adding a student. Secondary: A committee consisting of a secondary principal, district office representative, and up to two teachers will conduct a study to determine if class size are equitable.

• Evaluation – The District and WREA will work collaboratively toward a new evaluative tool reflective of state requirements.