With the holiday just over, the snow and ice gone away

  • Tue Jan 27th, 2009 1:28am
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With the holiday just over, the snow and ice gone away for awhile, the water subsiding and the last of the Christmas decorations put away until next December, the Bonney Lake Police Giving Tree Committee would like to thank one and all for giving to families and children the most wonderful Christmas of all. Dolls and dishes to brighten the eyes of most every girl, trucks and cars and bright red fire trucks for the little boys. Games and puzzles, books and crayons, crafts and pajamas, warm mittens and fuzzy hats, red and blue jackets, diapers and rattles and sweet little critters for all to hug tight. Through our doors came children and moms and pops, a family tradition to give many toys including blocks, Mickey Mouse and Minnie, Sponge Bob and Elmo. One child wrote a card and gave all her change and a very special blanket to warm a new friend.

We want to express and let you see the visions we’ve seen of the outpouring of love and heartfelt compassion to your fellow neighborhood friends. Many of you come in year after year, with the “spirit of Christmas,” the love of giving and a tenderness in your hearts for others. There are children that give many toys to others for this is their wish for Christmas instead of for themselves. Seeing people searching the quilt for a special Christmas wish, businesses joining with others for goodwill to others. Setting up boxes to collect in and bring in or having specials for services if you just bring in a toy. Home and office parties celebrated and instead of a gift exchange for each other, they bring a toy for a special girl or boy for our “Giving Tree Quilt.” What kind of community spirit could be greater than this? All come together from the people, to the businesses, our city staff, the fire department, the police staff, public works staff, the council, the City Hall and annex staff, our seniors, our service clubs, the schools and their staff and their students, yes, you all were involved. What a great feeling you should have coming together as one, making such a difference in other people’s life and making them feel much better to go on, even if they have just lost their job or their home. Thank you, as 805 children in our community were blessed with this giving!

A bountiful harvest of food items were given to our two local food banks and for our seniors. The students during the pickups from the schools were energetic and smiling with accomplishment, toting huge boxes while sharing the load, struggling with the over-packed ones, but proud of their part to help others out. Teachers and staff do a special assignment for each of their students as they teach them the love of giving and sharing. I applaud the students from Bonney Lake Elementary, Crestwood Elementary, Mountain View Middle School, Lakeridge Middle School and Bonney Lake High School. All are amazing, wonderful students.

Everyone did such an outstanding job. I hope they all know we appreciate what has been accomplished. The helpers, the drivers, the public works boys, the wrappers, the shoppers, the sorters, the donors, all made this project possible, due only to your help and your continued love for others!

With many, many thanks,

Bonney Lake Police Giving Tree Committee

Thank You