Wrestling in the street | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

  • Tue Sep 27th, 2016 4:55pm
  • News

WRESTLING IN THE STREET: Officers were called Sept. 13 to a report of two men fighting in the street. When officers arrived on scene, one of the men approached them. The man said he was almost ran over by the other man while he was walking on 89th street, so he followed the man home to confront him, which was when the fight ensued. Officers then located the other man, who said that the other man was pounding on his door and yelling at him, and the fight happened because he was afraid what the other man could do to his family, who were home in the apartment. He told officers he had a dash camera on his car, and when officers watched the footage, it did not show the first man almost getting run over. A witness to the fight said the first man appeared intoxicated before the fight and was very hostile. Officers told the first man to leave the property.

MAKING THREATS: On Sept. 14 officers were called to an upset phone service customer making threats to an employee. The employee told officers a woman was upset with her purchase and called the store to get a refund. The employee said the store didn’t do refunds, which was when the customer began swearing at the employee. The woman called a total of three times, saying that she’ll follow the employee home, according to the employee. Officers contacted the woman, who admitted to swearing at the employee but not making threats. Officers advised the woman use the 1-800 number next time if she has issues.