Yearly draw down begins at Lake Tapps

The annual lowering of the water level in Lake Tapps has begun.

Cascade Water Alliance has been lowering the water level of Lake Tapps since Nov. 1. According to a release from Cascade the lake will be drawn down on Jan. 2.

Cascade stated the lowering process is part of an agreement with the Lake Tapps Community Council.

Cascade wrote in the release, “Residents will notice a quick drop of the lake – about six inches per day depending on additional rainfall to a level of approximately 533 feet so Cascade can perform dike repairs and other transportation related repairs can be completed.”

The spring refill is set to begin around March.

In the release Cascade stated if lake-side residents plan to do work during the time the lake has been drawn down, “It is required that they obtain all necessary permits as well as a license from Cascade.”

For more information on the lake levels visit the Cascade website and Lake Tapps News.