Bonney Lake offered many activities during summer

Crowds were drawn to music, movies, and more

Kudos to the city of Bonney Lake Event Coordinator David Wells and his staff for the great event-planning during the summer, highlighted by the 2009 Bonney Lake Days.

Throughout the summer months, the city provided free entertainment for people of all ages.

Bonney Lake Days drew more than 6,000 people who visited vendors, food booths, activities for kids, bingo and live entertainment.

It couldn’t have been better weather for the two-day event.

For children, Wells put together a nine-event program in a local park which caught the attention of residents.

Many of the Kids Club events have drawn nearly 300 children and adults each Tuesday at Cedarview Park. Beginning with the Valentine Performing Pigs in July, children have been mesmerized by birds, clowns, actors, a magician, Bubbleman and Reptile Man.

Aug. 18, the park was filled with more than 250 people, including some parents, beating percussion instruments (drums, sticks, tambourines, etc.) duringDrumatic Innovation.

Wells said the turnouts have been tremendous.

Sept. 1 is the final Kids Club event with Touch A Truck, featuring local vehicles from the police and fire department.

Each Wednesday night, live music fills Allan York Park with Tunes@Tapps featuring acts as Danny Vernon, Jonathon Harris and The Great Pretenders.

The series has provided a portal back in time for some people with music from the early days of rock ‘n’ roll.

Vernon brought back the illusion of Elvis with his July 15 performance.

More than 400 people flocked in front of the stage in folding chairs, blanket or on the ground as the Elvis impersonator performed “Love Me Tender,” “Hounddog” and “All Shook Up.”

“Thank you very much!”

The Great Pretenders, a local band, drew many from the older generation, along with a few young adults, despite the chance of rain.

Since 1971, the group has played many of the area’s live music venues and has created a following for the past 39 years.

Dressed in green shirts with a black tuxedos, the group performed songs from the 1950s to 1970s like “Duke of Earl” and “Little Darlin’.”

Some braved the rained and danced in front of the covered stage until the performance was over.

Were they remembering Woodstock?

Harris, a singer and songwriter from Tacoma, belted out county and western tunes from the stage Aug. 5 which drew a crowd of more than 300.

Don’t miss one of the Northwest’s best bands, Becki Sue and Her Big Rockin’ Daddies, when they close out the series Sept. 2.

For the movie lovers, Friday Night Flix saw more than 400 people attend the showing of “Twilight” on Aug. 14.

“Madagascar 2” opened up the three-movie event and it will close with “Hannah Montana: The Movie” Friday.

Throw in performances by the Missoula Children’s Theatre and Wooden O, there has been something for everyone.

Many hours of planning, phone calls and research went into planning the free summer events. Wells and his dedicated staff has started planning for next summer.

It can only be better.

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