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About a week ago, I was minding my own madness when suddenly I found myself being harangued because I could not name a TV show I like or follow. I won’t reveal the names of those who were badgering me in the office; we will just refer to them as Brandy Pickering and Kathy McCauley (the creative goddesses).

First Editor’s Note: I will apologize in the opening of this column to anyone who (unadvisedly) decides to read this. It may be disjointed and wacky. I am currently riding a ferry to Friday Harbor, with no radio or phone service for the second half of the Seahawks’ NFC championship game. I am writing this in my car hoping to avoid getting seasick or going boat crazy. I was a fine sailor in the early 1970s, specializing in heroically throwing up.

About a week ago, I was minding my own madness when suddenly I found myself being harangued because I could not name a TV show I like or follow. I won’t reveal the names of those who were badgering me in the office; we will just refer to them as Brandy Pickering and Kathy McCauley (the creative goddesses).

I admit some think, for no good reason, I am Mr. Boring at times. It is not uncommon for certain reporters who work for me to give me the “he should be locked up” eye roll when I give them little known buttermilk facts. I have a moderately grown daughter and I am very familiar with the “Is he still talking or is that wind?” look from Katy (and her evil little Yorkie, commonly known as Yodi, the Princess over Me).

After listening to the goddesses make fun of me, I returned the next day ready for battle. I informed the creative goddesses I do have a show I watch on Saturdays and Sundays – “Book TV” on C-Span. I love “Book TV.”

I was informed by the goddesses that “Book TV” didn’t count. Why do goddesses get to make up rules that no one ever tells me about? There is a plot lurking in that rulebook.

I decided it was time to break out my secret weapon. I began whining to them about one of the best “Book TV” programs I had seen in a long time. The program featured three or four hours of speakers from the National Constitution Center. Each one was moderated by Jeffery Rosen, president and CEO of the organization and an excellent Constitutional attorney. If you haven’t been to the Constitution Center’s website and you have kids interested in the subject, it is a great resource, and very fun according to me – Mr. Zippy.

The website, has the Constitution articles and amendments with links to many articles explaining stories and court rulings.

One example involves the articles linked to Article VI, usually referred to as the supremacy clause. I always thought it meant that I was the supreme being over Princess Yodi. The evil Yorkie was spending a week at my house during the “Book TV” programs and one of the speakers pointed out the Constitution describes the rights and limits of the government, not the people (I guess that means me). Somehow the little mutt got the gist and I had to give her an extra treat for lying to a doggie. Another new rule no one told me about.

If you or your kids go to the Constitution Center’s website there are fine articles on the supremacy clause with accurate explanations of what it means and the current issues involving the article.

OK, I admit “Book TV” may not be all that when it comes to the high-brow entertainment no one tells me about anymore because they think I’m Mr. Dullinski. But I did learn I am not the supreme being who gets to wear a cape. Who knows what you might find out about yourself at the National Constitution Center site, or in book or watching some boring TV.

Second Editor’s Note:

I missed nearly all of the Seahawks’ game with no radio or phone service on the ferry. The last I knew the Hawks were in big trouble.

When I finally reached Friday Harbor, I was busy carrying my stuff into my room when I heard a bunch of cheering. I figured there must be a bunch of Green Bay fans up here.

I didn’t see the game except in replays during the evening. The one thought that came to me was line written by greek historian Herodotus in the fifth century B.C. (I will keep it short so no “he’s nuts and boring as dried paint” eye rolls please).

“Count no man happy until the end is known.”

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