Director for state’s prep activities offers support for district bond proposal | Letter to the Editor

I am honored to provide you with my take regarding the impact that school facilities have on the students, the school community and other community members.

Facilities are the local gathering place for the community and how people feel more comfortable meeting in facilities that meet diverse and “modern” needs. That the school directors want to provide facilities that meet those needs because they understand the value of a connected community – one that supports their children in their athletic endeavors.

Above all, families want their children to participate in safe facilities. They also want to be able to watch them participate in a facility that is safe for all spectators in addition to offering amenities that are modern whether they’re buying a hot dog, washing their hands or changing a diaper.

From the perspective of the state WIAA office, Enumclaw has a long, storied tradition of supporting its teams and individuals who represent the school, whether during regular season or postseason events. I’ve been in awe of the large number of community members and students who attend these events proudly wearing their school’s colors and cheer as one for their Hornets. To me, the next logical piece of this picture is to provide athletic facilities in Enumclaw that will attract postseason events. This office is always looking for communities that have the personnel, hotels/motels, restaurants and athletic facilities that provide a great site for postseason events.

Enumclaw has great potential to fill all of these needs.

Thanks, again, for allowing my support for the Enumclaw bond. I wish the entire community all the success in this effort.

Mike Colbrese

Executive director

Washington Interscholastic Activities Association