Entrepreneurial spirit alive in Bonney Lake

Like many people, I spend a lot of time driving up and down the state Route 410 corridor.

By Lora Butterfield

Like many people, I spend a lot of time driving up and down the state Route 410 corridor.

Recently, I was running late for a meeting and was stuck in traffic along SR 410, not because of the highway patrolman who is always sitting at the top of Ehli Hill waiting for the next unsuspecting person to forget to slow down from 55 to 45 mph.

No, this time it was because of construction. As I sat there waiting and frustrated, I couldn’t help but realize that construction can only mean good things for the economy of Bonney Lake.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Bonney Lake, with new businesses beginning to fill in the once-empty spots up and down the SR 410 corridor and beyond. It’s exciting to see all of the new economic growth in our city from large projects such as the Interim Justice Center to small shops like B Natural Music along the Old Sumner Buckley Highway or the new Regional Medical Clinic in the Bonney Lake 410 Plaza.

Clearly, the food and restaurant industry has enjoyed the largest growth in the past year; and lucky for all of us. Thanks to some good incentives implemented by the City Council, businesses can take advantage of the opportunities here in Bonney Lake.

With the opening of Andre’s Bar and Grill last spring, Hop Jack’s this summer, most recently Sonic Drive-In and coming in December, the new Zato’s Grill, there is no need to go anywhere else when you want to eat out. I am happy to say now, that all of my favorite places to eat are in Bonney Lake.

Better dining choices are not the only positive thing to come from this growth. All of this construction and new business means more jobs for our area and at a time when many are seeing layoffs and closures, Bonney Lake is enjoying job growth. So the next time you are stuck in traffic due to construction, think about that.

Need a new dentist? Come and check out our next “Business After Hours” event at Rainier Dental. This is a great opportunity to meet the staff, take a tour and let them show you that a trip to the dentist can be fun. The event will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Tuesday. Rainier Dental is located at 18209 SR 410 E. No. 300 in Bonney Lake (above Prime Fitness). Light refreshments will be served.

Lora Butterfield is the executive director of the Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce and can be reached at 253-222-5945 or lora@bonneylake.com. The chamber office is at 20608 SR 410 E. (Inside Harborstone Credit Union) and the chamber’s Web site is www.bonneylake.com.

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