Initiative allows physicians to tell lies

If you voted “yes” on I-1000, then you voted to have doctors lie.

If you voted “yes” on I-1000, then you voted to have doctors lie.

I-1000 requires physicians to lie on the death certificate, putting another cause of death rather than physician-assisted suicide. If it is truly “death with dignity” then why would the doctor have to lie?

More importantly, if your doctor is willing to lie (remember that someone who lies is a liar), then what makes you think they won’t lie about other things? If they lack the ethical character to be truthful, then they may well think: six months or three years seems like such a trifling difference, let’s just tell the patient six months and be done with things. If we bump them off a bit early, that is really no big deal and think of all the money we can save the health insurance company.

I chose to not participate. I will make sure that my family goes to a physician that chooses not to participate. Shouldn’t you do the same?

Mark J. Snell, M.D.

Bonney Lake

After reading The Courier-Herald two weeks ago, I am so disappointed and extremely upset at how the budget is being handled.

Is cutting P.E., health and music from elementary schools really the best solution? You are cutting teachers who are only going to use another part of the state budget – unemployment. So while your budget is balanced, you are pushing it over to another part of the state budget. It’s like transferrring a credit card balance to a different credit card. The debt is still there, its just not where it was originally.

You need to cut programs/technology/anything else at this point, not teachers and important classes. When did P.E. and health get so low on our list of importance? P.E. and music have been a part of education for a long time and for a good reason. Part of being a balanced person is mental, as well as physical. Part of the solution for the obesity problem in our country starts with elementary physical education and health.

If we want to raise a generation of couch potatoes, then let’s keep moving in this direction. After all, if they have high math, science and reading scores who cares if they have heart disease, diabetes and asthma for the rest of their lives. At least they will be able to compute their state disability checks correctly.

I hope I am not the only one voicing my opinion. Don’t expect me to lay around and watch as you take away important classes from my kids (I had P.E. as a kid and I have the energy to fight for it).

Michele D. Wallen

Money is simply a medium for exchange. For money to be honest and useful, it has to be a commodity valued by all. It also must be divisible for small transactions; durable to survive many exchanges; transportable so you can use it anywhere; and relatively scarce so no one can dilute its value by flooding the country with it.

Gold and silver have all these characteristics. Paper doesn’t. It’s easy to flood the country with unbacked paper money or electronic entries. When that happens, as it is happening today, the value of everyone’s dollars goes down. That’s why products cost more at the supermarket and elsewhere. If a counterfeiter did this, the government would stop him. But if the government and the Federal Reserve combine to do it, and the people don’t realize what’s happening, the process continues.

This is inflation. America’s founders never intended that anyone would have power to create inflation and the U.S. Constitution does not permit such a crime.

A man inherited $10,000 in 1950. He could have bought a home with the money, but he put it in the bottom drawer and forgot about it. Fifty years later, he retrieved his $10,000, and it wasn’t enough to put a down payment on a nice home.

Where did the value of his inheritance go? It was stolen from him by government through a process called inflation. Inflation is an increase in the amount of currency that lowers its value. Its effect is rising prices. But politicians and the media always tell Americans that inflation is rising prices. Not so! It’s almost like trying to prove that wet streets cause rain.

The government, and its partner the Federal Reserve, constantly print more dollars to pay for huge deficits. The new dollars steal value from your dollars and most people don’t realize what has happened. Deficit spending has to stop and so do the government’s printing presses.

Edwin “Stormy” Storm


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